#6 Introducing My Wish List, and Why Sex Workers Use Them

In today’s news at Go Hail Yourself, I received my very first gift from a fan/follower/friend, from my Amazon Wish List. This gift was originally part of a decor set, but opening my mail today to see only the trash can was absolutely hilarious and I laughed for a good ten minutes. I then found a wonderful use for my gift! You can find my wishlist here: https://t.co/y26u38taZY

Why a wishlist?

There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to create this wishlist. First, it is important that I note that there is no advertising on this website, there is no source of income and I pay for it out of pocket, because I am doing what I love (and also because Google Adsense has decided that my website doesn’t abide by their policies, for reasons which they won’t elaborate on). And so, one of the best ways for me to give you the option of supporting me, is to participate in something which is fun: online shopping! Now, I’m not a fan of Amazon for reasons of ethical consumerism- however- it is currently a good options to be able to keep my shipping address private and to still have a one-click shopping list which is public.

In addition to simply creating this possible avenue for readers and visitors to show their support, which is accessible via social media (it is linked to on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), I’m also uploading my video content to PornHub. No, I will not be doing porn, however, there is an opportunity for an audience on PornHub that is both open minded in sexuality and self expression, and open to learning about Satanism via the sexualized video content in which I will be discussing it. I will, however, be working in the adult entertainment industry again at my day job, and I will be creating a series of sex-positive articles to discuss that work. Something that comes along with doing this work, is creating a safe avenue for customers, fans and admirers to interact with me. As most other sex workers know, oftentimes the relationship between a sex worker and their customer is one that goes beyond simply viewing porn; oftentimes, the customer would like the opportunity to create a more meaningful connection, to rise above the rest of the customers, to stand out and to show their support and admiration beyond the options that currently exist. This is why sex workers will often have wish lists; because they work very hard, often not earning as much as the public eye might like to imagine, and our favorite people compensate for us by meeting our most basic needs.

Sometimes these wish lists include frivolous, fun purchases that we would otherwise never plan to splurge on for ourself (gotta pay those bills first), and sometimes, these wish lists include basic necessities that we need to continue doing our work. My wish list is a combination of each, including items for self care and growth such as books, tea sets, and art supplies. Sex work is real work, and it is sacrificial work which takes an emotional toll. You could easily say that blogging, and other types of artists, also do selfless work which takes an emotional toll. I recommend that you find your favorite artists and ask them, “Do you have a wishlist?” and support them.

Another reason that I am bridging my blogging, day job, and other projects via a Wishlist is so that I can create new content! As you see above, even though my first gift was one of comedy, I was able to turn it into something creative. I will be making video and article content for each gift that I receive from this list, and, if you have any special requests or would like a shout out, for yourself or your website/company/favorite organization, please just let me know with a message included with your order and I will absolutely oblige! Thank you.

Link to wishlist: https://t.co/y26u38taZY

Go Hail Yourself!

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