#4 Satanism & The Holidays at Go Hail Yourself

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season! Today, I won’t be getting into history or philosophy or talking about the pagan origins of Christmas. I’m just going to blog about my personal views of the holidays, and how I reconcile that with Satanism.

I acknowledge Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, Winter Solstice, etc., all equally. I have family members who celebrate Hanukkah, and I have a lot of atheist non-religious friends who simply celebrate the seasons, or skip it altogether

Something that my Satanist friends have done, which I very much appreciate, is fighting for pluralism and secularism on these holidays by acknowledging where the separation of church and state has been neglected by theocratic congresspeople, by placing Christian nativity scenes on government property, sometimes using government funds. Quick shout out of pride to West Michigan Friends of The Satanic Temple for their Reconciliation Star display at the Michigan State capitol, as well as love to the Chicago Chapter of The Satanic Temple for their gorgeous Snaketivity sculpture!

As an individual Satanist, I pretty much do whatever the fuck I want with no traditions being adhered to outside of that of my own family.

Right now, my own family is just me, and my network of friends.

I feel very liberated having let go of the social expectation of gift giving in the last few years. I try to look at the holidays in an altruistic fashion (though I do believe that gift giving is a somewhat selfish action). I now only give gifts to a few people very close to me, and often, those gifts are handmade. Sometimes I do a tree, sometimes I decorate, but not often and not much, because while it’s fun to celebrate cheer and happiness, though I’m honestly not a very joyous person, truth be told, I’m not a big fan of spending copious amounts of money on plastic bullshit once a year.

We create so much household trash during the holidays, we over-consume, we spend money like crazy and often go broke in the process. We stress out, we fight each other on Black Friday, and for what? So we can worship materialism? So, personally, I can’t stand the concept of Christmas, I can’t stand the consumerism behind it and this nonsensical, never-ending argument about who fucking OWNS Christmas.

So what do I like? I like gift giving where it counts, in a simplified, unforced, authentic way, and I like boozey eggnog. And if I can have these things with a little side of blasphemy, all the better.

Happy Holidays, and, Go Hail Yourself!

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