#9 Love Potion & Self Love Ritual

Love Potion & Self Love Ritual

This "love potion," is an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink which is planned, mixed and decorated with intent. The Self Love Ritual is designed to inspire affirmative and validating thought processing regarding loving and appreciating yourself. This concoction will not create supernatural magic, but it does make a great activity for small groups. This is the perfect quick activity to relax or lift your spirits for Valentine's Day, a Birthday, or any damn day you feel like!

Ritual can be a wonderful way to celebrate or honor something, create family or community traditions, or transformation by direct interaction with that which you wish to achieve. It is of my opinion that prayer alone is not Satanic ritual. If you are only wishing to affect change and not doing the real work to affect change, you are simply praying to yourself.

It is important for Satanic practice to be able to recognize the cathartic, personal, or community benefits to having effective ritual and for embracing theater and art both privately and for others in order to carry out a message or goal. This is the first time I am mentioning ritual in my blog, and this is just a very simple and fun activity. There are other more organized group rituals I might point to for more examples, such as The Satanic Temple’s Grey Mass and the National Chapter participation videos.

This Love Potion is basically just a sparkling wine sangria designed for you to celebrate yourself, and the ingredients can be changed out with anything. If you are non-alcoholic, the sparkling water and juice can stand alone without the wine, for example. Please feel free to gather your own crafting supplies and make this your own!

I will be uploading an example later this week online using the hashtags #GoHailYourself #LoveThyself and #Satanism so come find my thread and post your own photos! After all, a big part about loving yourself is about sharing that philosophy with others and leading by example. This sort of activity can be has private or as public as you wish it to be; you can invite friends over and turn it into a craft night! So here we go...


Love Potion Ingredients:

  • Wine glass
  • Ice (cubed)
  • Red wine (pink or white works, too!)
  • Fruit juice: apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, etc.
  • Fruit, chopped: apples, peaches, berries, lemons, limes, cherries, etc.
  • Prosecco, champagne or sparkling water
  • Optional: Orange Liqueur, Brandy

You may look up sparkling sangria recipes to give you ideas on which ingredients you’d like to select. Sangria is usually red wines with red fruits, but a white wine can work with lemons and limes as well. Pick something that represents you, fruits and flavors that are an expression of your favorite things. Get creative with it, and use the recipes you find to help you with measurements.

Tip: You may want to chill the fruit inside the wine, juice and liquor ahead of time. Recommendation is 6 hours. Two hours will do as well, and preparing these ingredients ahead of time can help you to more clearly focus your intent during the process. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Ritual Tools:

  • Silly straw, other non-food decorative items
  • Red or pink ribbon
  • Red or pink napkin/coaster
  • Red or black permanent marker
  • Paper and writing utensil in red or black
  • Small bouquet of short cut flowers or a bundle of plant that would fit in a glass.
  • Any other small crafting supplies (heart stickers, etc).



  1. Turn on some relaxing and calming music that won't be interrupted. Light your favorite candle and/or incense.
  2. As you gather ingredients, you will mindfully select what goes into this love potion while affirming to yourself that your decisions and choices in your life are yours alone. You will remind yourself to have confidence, faith and trust in those decisions. Combine your ingredients in a pitcher or large glass for 2-6 hours to chill.
  3. Take your permanent marker and carefully write on your ritual wine glass “I Love Myself,” and either sign or initial under your message.
  4. Take your ribbon and carefully tie it around the glass (at stem or top), making a bow in front or taking time to further decorate with the ribbon in other sorts of knots and ties. Glue may be used, or threading beads through the ribbon! Be sure not to cover up your message. Add any more decorations, stickers, etc at this time.
  5. Pour your chilled sangria mix into your glass! As you finish creating your love potion, take time to reflect on other projects you've completed or admire your beautiful work.
  6. Consider your accomplishments in life. Consider what you love about yourself that defies society's beauty standards or demands equality and autonomy (ie, body modifications or non-conformitive fashion or gender choices). Acknowledge that by existing true to yourself and by un-apologetically loving yourself, you are rejecting the expectations and pressure of society and expressing your Satanism.
  7. Photographing your completed drink and keeping the photo and the list in a scrapbook will lengthen the effective time period of the love potion 😉
  8. Drink your mixture slowly, with calming and relaxing music playing and write a list of what you're good at or what you like about yourself. Frame it, tape it up, post a photo or otherwise at the list safely somewhere where you will find it again and often.
  9. Once you are done drinking your love potion, immediately and carefully rinse it out, washing away any wine or ingredients. Dry the glass carefully.
  10. Transplant either your flower bouquet or plant into the glass and place somewhere visible to remind you of your love potion.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? And you can do this however you wish to. The goal here is to take time out of your busy life to celebrate and honor yourself and to create a piece of decorative art to remind you about your conscious goal to love yourself more openly and more often.

Hail thyself, and Hail Satan!


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