Coming Soon: GoHailYourself.com

What is Go Hail Yourself?

Go Hail Yourself is a satanic self care & lifestyle blog which will utilize multimedia, including some YouTube clips, visuals, audio recordings, and art to supplement the articles. It is a personal project I’m working on to help grow my confidence to speak about what I learn, as I learn it, using my own voice and humor. So, naturally, the blog will be less serious in tone and much sexier and humorous than many intellectual blogs on modern satanism. Usually when you combine satanism and sex you get a lot of witchcraft and voodoo-oriented perspectives. So I’m aiming for a very atheistic, scientific perspective, which is sexy and sex positive, or the phrase I’m using, “Sin-Positive.”

What do you mean by “sin-positive”?

Sin-Positive is a phrase I’m still developing but it’s such a natural description to me, and you immediately begin to understand it when you hear it. The word, “sin,” is associated in our society not with actually harmful concepts, but ideas about individual sovereignty, sexual freedom, healthy body image, hedonism, etc. I want to take all of those supposed sins and talk about them in the context of self care, self love and self worship. I plan to do this by setting an example.